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See Inside A Child's Dream - Shop Tour

Posted by Debbie on

Curious about our shop and what it looks like? Now you can take a tour. Click here to visit our You Tube Channel and subscribe for fun project videos and tutorials coming soon!

Making Peg Dolls & More - Book Review

When Margaret Bloom, author of Making Peg Dolls, shared with me she was working on a new book, I knew the second in the series would be just as wonder-filled as the first and I was right. I'm completely enamored with Making Peg Dolls & More. It possesses all the same fine qualities and is [...]

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Choosing a Waldorf Doll to Make

Remember your favorite doll? It kept you company day and night, attended your tea parties, sat on your lap during story time and shared your childhood ups and downs. Your doll was someone to love and care for, a faithful and beloved companion indeed and one you will probably never forget.Now as an adult you are contemplating a [...]

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Pure Wool Felt: Felt Never Felt So Good

If your only experience of sewing with felt is the spun polyester craft felt from a box store you might be wondering if the extra cost of 100% wool felt is really worth it. Naturally, in my humble and biased opinion, I say yes, definitely yes, and once you get your hands on a piece of any of [...]

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Avoiding Needle Breakage in Needle Felting

New to needle felting? Well by now you've probably poked yourself and drawn blood more than once, and it's probably safe to assume you've broken at least one needle. Welcome to the club! Today I share some tips that will help you avoid needle breakage and self-inflicted needle felting pain.It's important to know that the [...]

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Felting Wool and Wool Felt - What's The Difference

Photo of Merino Silk SliverFelting wool and wool felt are two different things. Felting wool, also referred to as roving or sliver, is unspun cloud-like fluffs of fiber or can come in rope-like lengths. It is used for spinning into yarn, felting, creating Waldorf wool paintings and much more as you'll see when you peruse [...]

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Waldorf Doll Making, Peg Dolls and Doll Faces

The face you choose to embroider on your natural fiber Waldorf doll or paint on your wood peg doll can show happiness, sadness, surprise, fright or anger. It can be scary, excited, full of joy or… expressionless. Yes, expressionless.What do I mean by expressionless? I mean, simply no expression or a neutral expression. Why would [...]

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