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Felting Wool and Wool Felt - What's The Difference


Felting wool and wool felt are two different things. Felting wool, also referred to as roving or sliver, is unspun cloud-like fluffs of fiber or can come in rope-like lengths. It is used for spinning into yarn, felting, creating Waldorf wool paintings and much more as you'll see when you peruse our online shop. 

Wool felt, on the other hand, is a non-woven fabric made from the unspun wool mentioned above. It comes in flat sheets which can be easily cut leaving crisp edges which don't unravel or require hemming and is well-loved for all sorts of natural and creative inspirations, especially children's crafts and sewing.

You can combine the two in this clever project from Martha Stewart in which felting wool is applied and adhered to wool felt to make Needle Felted Woodland Ornaments. It uses our 3mm Wool Felt, a needle felting needle and wool roving fiber. 

Needle Felted Woodland Ornament